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About Islamabad Capital

Islamabad's capital lies on the northwest of the country on the plateau. This area is important in history to become part of the northern areas of Rawalpindi and Northwest Frontier Province. The city was made in 1960, in which Karachi was converted to Karachi as Karachi, due to which it has been in 1963. Due to the proximity to Rawalpindi Islamabad, they are considered sister city.

In comparison to other cities of the country, Islamabad is a clean, wide and quiet city with lots of vegetables. The city's site is a history that is going back to the oldest human settlements in Asia. The region has seen the first solution of Aryans from Central Asia, ancient carriers passing through Central Asia, and the large army of Atlantis and Alexander.

In the north of the city you will find the Margella mountains. The warm summer in the mountains, the monsoon rain and the climate of the cold vaters is the climate of almost this area. There is also a rich wildlife in Islamabad that has leopards from wild strangers.

After the establishment of Pakistan in 1947, it felt that a new and permanent capital city was built to reflect the diversity of the Pakistani nation. It was considered impossible to find a new capital where Karachi's business and commercial activity may be different, and is still easily accessible from the best corner of the country.

According to this commission, a commission was set up in 1958, with a special feature on location, climate, logistics and defense needs, aesthetics, and natural and natural beauty to choose a suitable site for new investment. Got the job