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Zones in Islamabad

I 54,958.25 222.4081
II 9,804.92 39.6791
III 50,393.01 203.9333
IV 69,814.35 282.5287
V 39,029.45 157.9466

Series A, B, and C are still developing. The D series consists of seven fields (D-11 to D-17), out of which DC12 is fully developed. This series is located on the foot of Margalla Hills. E-securers are named E-7 to E17. There are many foreign and diplomatic officials in these areas. In the city's revised Master Plan, the CDA has decided to develop a park on the shape of Fatima Jinnah Park in the E-14 sector. The campus of three defense universities in Sector E8 and E9 include: Navy University, Air University and National Defense University.

Contains the most developed fields in the F and G series. The F series contains F-5 to F-17; Some sectors are still developing. F-5 is an important sector for the software industry in Islamabad, as two software technology parks are located here. The entire F-9 sector is related to Fatima Jinnah Park. The Centaurus Complex will be one of the major signals of the F-8 sector. G fields are counted in G-17 through G-5. Some important places include the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, the largest medical structure in the Jinnah Convention Center and the G-5 Serena Hotel, the Red Mosque in G6 and the capital in G8.

H fields are calculated by H-8 through H-17. H Sector is dedicated to most educational and health institutions. National University of Science and Technology includes a large number of H-12s. I have a number of I-8 to I-18s in fields. With the exception of I-8, which is a well-developed residential area, these fields are mainly part of the industrial zone. Currently, two sub-fields of I-9 and sub-sector sub-I-10 are used as industrial areas. The CDA plans to set up a industrial railway station in Sector I-18, and it covers the industrial city of I17-17.

Zone III is mainly comprised of Margalla Hills and Margola Hill National Park. Raw Lake is in the zone. Zone IV and V Islamabad Park, and the city's rural areas. Swan River flows through the Zone V Zone.